Cancer sucks.  Music helps.

What is Project Strong?  It’s a convergence of people’s experience, energy, and passion coming together to create a music video to Michael’s song “Strong” intended to encourage, comfort, and inspire anyone who has been affected by a cancer diagnosis.  Click play to hear the song, and feel free to download…

Project Strong Update, December, 2012:
We’ve received so many great stories and photos of cancer survivors interested in this project – THANK YOU!  As we’ve gone through the past couple years with this project in mind (See below for description), our execution of it and vision of the project has changed a bit, in amazing ways.  And good news – the filming of Project Strong is nearing completion!

Film maker Dr. Carla Sweet took over the reigns in production of the video project from Michael in early 2012.  Dr. Sweet is currently filming the video more closely to what the song is really all about – a story.  The video will be more of a dramatic acting out of the content of the song, with two main characters who undergo the diagnosis and heroic battle against cancer.  We love all the input people have given us and we are hoping to merge everything together into one inspiring and impactful video. Stay tuned!!

Project Strong kicks off, March, 2011:

Singer/Songwriter Michael Tiernan to marry film and photos of listeners’ cancer journies to his new song “Strong”, and puts the call out for listeners to contribute to a very different sort of music video project.

“Man in white walks in the room
He says to have a seat.
‘I wish I had good news for you.’
He says words I can’t believe
When I feel so Strong.  I feel so Strong.”
(download song here for free, and pass it along – Michael Tiernan – Strong

So start the lyrics to San Diego Singer/Songwriter Michael Tiernan’s newly released song, “Strong” (from the album “L.A. Can Wait”).   Written for and about his brother Joe, who passed away two summers ago from a rare form of Sarcoma, the song has elicited a powerful reaction from people who have battled cancer or who have lost someone to the disease.  A cancer survivor himself (testicular cancer at age 16), Tiernan has always used his music as a vehicle to help others going through their own battles with disease.

“Project Strong” is a music video project that seeks to marry the very powerful song with images and footage of real people undergoing their own battles with cancer.  For Tiernan, “Project Strong” is part vision, part mission.  Using the words of his brother when he broke the news about his diagnosis, “Don’t worry Mike, I am Strong”, Tiernan played the song for his brother on the last morning of his life as he neared the end of his journey.   Having been unresponsive for the previous 12 hours, Joe turned to Michael with tears running from his eyes and tried to speak, “Maybe you could…”.   He couldn’t finish his sentence, but Michael took those words as a commission to use the song to help others in their battle.

Project Strong seeks videos/images of cancer journeys:

Tiernan is currently seeking the help of both his listeners and the general public to provide the content for the music video itself, and is asking them to submit both videos and still images of both cancer survivors and those who have passed on from the disease.  Says Tiernan, “Strength happens everywhere, and shines forth when people come together in the midst of their own weakness and hurt.  I’m looking for video footage and still shot photos of those Strong ones among us ages 16 – 50 undergoing different stages of their battle with cancer – the good, the bad, the inspiring, and the heart-wrenching.    I’m looking for images and videos of people’s Strength as they walk their path. I’m thinking of everything,  from people like my friend Julie, who ran a marathon after beating cancer for the 3rd time; or my friend Eric who survived brain cancer and is inspiring others through his advocacy and writings; or the friend I never met, Danny Riley, who’s music still reverberates today as a testimony to his strength as he battled brain cancer; I’m looking for images of vigils, memorials, hospital rooms, treatment time, big smiles, long faces, families, friends, hugs, tears – everything.”

Tiernan hopes to spread the video virally, as well as offer the video to different cancer organizations around the world.  He will also use it to spearhead a future effort of his to provide private music concerts to cancer patients undergoing treatment and their families.

How to Submit:
People desiring to submit content to Michael for consideration of use in the music video can upload and share videos to the Project Strong Youtube page at or by contacting Michael and his crew at  Information on how to transfer video to Michael will be provided.   Photos can be sent directly via email.  More information can be found at and   Info on Michael, his music, and his story can be found at