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My song “L.A. Can Wait” has been selected as a Finalist in the ISC! You can help!

Hi Everyone -

I’m so pleased to share some good news I just found out!  My song “L.A. Can Wait” made it to the Finals (out of 16,000+ entries) in the International Songwriting Competition. You can read all about the contest HERE, but in short, my song is a finalist among 14 other really great songs for the AAA Category (Adult Album Alternative) and will be judged by a group of all-star judges and industry peeps, some of my faves among them: Robert Smith, Tori Amos, Lucinda Williams, Jeff Beck, Tom Waits, Ozzy!

They will be judging the songs for the individual categories, but YOU CAN help by voting in the People’s Choice category by going to, clicking on “Like” and then clicking on the People’s Choice tab on the left.  I sure would appreciate you doing that, and any way you can help spread the word to your friends and family, the more votes, the better!!  And I sure do appreciate it!

If you don’t have the song “L.A. Can Wait”, here’s a free download for you - – I’ve enabled the download link over that song:)

Hope you enjoy the video too!  Thanks so much, everyone!  I’ll let you know the results towards the end of April when they make the announcements.


Michael T.

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