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  • February
  • 2013

Love is in the air this February - Singing Web-o-Grams are back!

And check out this cool little interview / performance I did last week on SD’s Channel 6 news – Get your orders in by February 13th!! Click the Web-o-Gram link in the menu bar.  And come hang out with my special guest Nathan Welden and I this February 13th, V-day Eve, as we bust out […]

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  • December
  • 2012

December '12 update: The Gospel of Slow the F-Down!!

Whoa, it has been a LONG time since I’ve used this little bloggie blargie thing.  It’s a testament to how freaking busy I’ve been – that’s a good thing!!  My blog is real time, and it occurs at every show I do:)  But once in a while, I can sneak some thoughts onto the web […]

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  • 01
  • March
  • 2012

My song "L.A. Can Wait" has been selected as a Finalist in the ISC! You can help!

Hi Everyone – I’m so pleased to share some good news I just found out!  My song “L.A. Can Wait” made it to the Finals (out of 16,000+ entries) in the International Songwriting Competition. You can read all about the contest HERE, but in short, my song is a finalist among 14 other really great songs […]

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  • 01
  • March
  • 2012

Spring has come early to my musical garden:)

I know it’s not quite spring yet, but it feels like it to me.  There are a ton of flowers blooming up and down the streets of Vista these days.  And so are the songs – they just keep popping out of this musical garden I call my office.  It has been an extended winter […]

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  • 25
  • January
  • 2012

Elephants doin' it to my music....

Yes, it’s true.  Soon, the next animal mating sequence you see on Discovery Channel or Animal Planet may just be set to one of your fave TiernanTunes.  How now, brown cow, you ask?  I just signed an agreement with Discovery Communications, which is the world’s largest provider of non-fiction media, licensing my entire “L.A. Can […]

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  • 14
  • July
  • 2011

Fireworks and Joe - Reflections on the 4th of July, for different reasons

Exactly two years ago, I watched the fireworks explode over Mt. Rubidoux.  My family was there, we were eating hamburgers, and my little neices and nephews were keeping each other entertained.  Our hearts were in our throats, but for reasons other than patriotism or the gemutlichkeit of being together on a holiday.  We watched the […]

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  • 02
  • June
  • 2011

Summertime and the livin' is BUSY!

Hi friends, WOW!!!  Just had a RAD show with the band at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach to kick off the summer season last Wednesady.  Thanks to all of you who came out to support – it was a fantastic night of music.  I just wanted to give you a lil’ update of […]

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  • 13
  • May
  • 2011

The Priest, the Potter, and the Poet

Big Show Comin’ Up May 25th!!!  Wanne be serenaded beforehand?  Do read on… The priest – that’s me (well, sort of – you know the historyJ), the Potter, that’s Roy Ruiz Clayton, an incredible legendary San Diego singer/songwriter who also happens to be a pro potter and painter; the poet, well, that’s my friend Jane Lui – […]

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  • 28
  • April
  • 2011

ProjectStrong featured in San Diego Reader, North County Times and Del Mar Times

A huge thank you to the San Diego weekly The Reader as well as local papers North County Times and Del Mar Times for featuring my Project Strong in their papers these past couple of weeks.  Check out the Reader article here and please leave a comment!! There are SOOO many ways to deal […]

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  • 19
  • April
  • 2011

Human Kindness Rocks

Have you ever been going about your day,  in your routine, doing your thing, when BAM! – someone’s act of kindness just knocks you back on your heels and you’re left marveling at how cool it is to be alive?  Last week as I was setting up for my weekly gig at En Fuego,  I […]

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